Custommerce National Convention 2014

Everything you know about your customer is half-true. The situation was no different, way back in 2003. That is precisely why Custommerce was conceived. To present organizations with the other half. To present organizations with the harsh reality that just cost of service, metrics and graphs are not a sustainable source of competitive advantage anymore. That excellence in service delivery is the only viable source of competitive advantage.

Since its inception, Custommerce has elicited enthusiastic participation from senior management from diverse industries
– leaders in their domains, connected by a common thread
– excellence in service delivery and commitment to building customer-centric organizations for a customer-driven economy.

With enthusiastic support from the industry, educational institutions and practitioners, Custommerce has grown to become the Custommerce Service Excellence Foundation – a not-for-profit organization (Section 25 company) and a catalyst for service excellence. Today, fulltime professionals and a governing board (view profile) provide direction and thought on strategy. This board seeks to drive excellence in service delivery as the cornerstone for competitive advantage in the marketplace. Be a part of Custommerce. The life-time value of your customer is only half-meaningful without it.

A platform to discuss
and debate issues
with businesses and
thought leaders

Cindex, India's first ever, independent, benchmarking of Customer Experience with Products/Services.

Click here to download the CINDEX Summary Report for April-Dec 2012 across 8 Verticals, Airlines, Bank Cards, Lifestyle Retail, Two-wheelers, GSM Mobile Handsets, GSM Prepaid Mobile Services, GSM Post Paid Mobile Services and Savings Bank Accounts.
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M. Venkatachalam
CEO, Custommerce Service Excellence Foundation

Venkatachalam worked in TVS Group for about 8 years handling the Dealer Management, Advertising, Market Research and Planning for TVS Mopeds. He has also handled the foreign collaborators like Suzuki, Japan and Whirlpool, U.S.A. He has about 18 years of business experience in durables marketing, printing, dotcom and online share trading. Prior to joining Custommerce, he was Vice-President - Operations at Enzotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Chennai which is in the business of wastewater treatment. Venkatachalam holds a B.Tech. degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT, Madras and a P.G.D.M. from IIM, Ahmedabad.


“Keep the good job going...”
Sanjay Fernandes, Sr. Manager, Customer Solution Group, TTSL



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